How To Shift ‘FROM’ Stressful Thinking ‘TO’ Successful Thinking And Keep It That Way!

How the FROM-TO Mind Hack Works.

  • What is the FROM-TO Mind Hack and why is it so effective?

    It’s a method of meta-thinking and 'attitude interruption' that moves your thoughts or emotions away from a self-damaging pattern to a productive one, e.g. to eliminate self-doubt or alleviate workplace stress. In short: If you have a habitual thought or emotion that makes you feel lousy, you can mentally rewire the brain and easily move it to re-focus your mind.

  • How does the FROM-TO Mind Hack help you re-wire your brain?

    The method enables you to engage your prefrontal cortex and apply logic to an emotional situation, which means it moves the way you're thinking out of autopilot so you have control. The next time you find yourself being triggered by a stressful situation or thinking familiar negative thoughts such as self-doubt, you can catch them and change them using the formula.

  • The benefits of the various FROM-TO Mind Hack Templates?

    You'll be able to train your brain to significantly influence your own thinking and emotions far more effectively than you ever thought possible across areas like mental wellbeing, self-confidence, work related stress, physical fitness, weight management and financial success. And, know how to easily build your own templates too.

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